Over 17 years of experience

Actium offers investors the opportunity to seek attractive returns through first-position real estate loans.

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The Actium Approach

  • Quality of Collateral

    We consider the value of the collateral and its location.

  • Downside Protection

    First-position liens on real estate offers principal protection.

  • Selectivity

    Our deal flow enables us to make loans that we consider the safest and most likely to be quickly repaid.

  • Low Volatility

    First-position liens and lack of leverage offset market volatility.

  • Principal Preservation

    Loans are secured by first-position liens and we use no leverage in our funds.

  • Current Income

    Investments are generally structured with interest rates of 10% to 12% plus origination fees.

  • Fee Structure

    Origination fees, late fees and extension fees are earned by the Fund.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. This does not constitute an offering or a solicitation.

Actium Due Diligence Process

Actium uses its established network to be the preferred choice for bridge loans. Relying on its connections in the legal and real estate community, Actium received over $168 million in loan requests in 2021.

Actium determines if prospective borrowers have enough of their own capital at risk in the proposed transaction so they will have a vested interest in the outcome. In addition to inspecting the property, Actium evaluates multiple data points to confirm the value of the property. We are agile and work quickly to fund in days instead of weeks or months.